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The Land Owner’s Duty to Protect Children From Harm

By Robert Ross |

PROPERTY OWNERS HAVE A DUTY TO PROTECT CHILDREN FROM FORESEEABLE HARM The law imposes special duties on land owners (and those in possession and control of land) where children are involved. Specifically, owners of land (and those in possession or control of property) must take reasonable steps to protect children against reasonably foreseeable hazards…. Read More »

Are Parents Responsible For Their Children’s Negligent Acts?

By Robert Ross |

GENERALLY SPEAKING, PARENTS ARE NOT AUTOMATICALLY LIABLE FOR THEIR CHILDREN’S NEGLIGENCE. While parents may be held liable for their children’s acts in some situations, California law does not impose a general liability on parents for the acts of their minor children. This means that parents may not¬†always be legally responsible for the negligent acts… Read More »

What Duty do Land Owners Owe to Minors?

By Robert Ross |

GENERALLY, LAND OWNERS (AND POSSESSORS/MANAGERS) MUST PROTECT MINORS FROM REASONABLY FORESEEABLE HARM. People who own, control, or possess property generally have a duty to prevent reasonably foreseeable harm to children. This includes naturally-occurring hazards, artificial or constructed hazards (including, but not limited to, harms resulting from attractive nuisances like construction sites), and hazards caused… Read More »

Do You Mind Visitors’ Children? (Homeowner Hazards, Part 1)

By Robert Ross |

Most people love children, and nobody likes to see a child hurt. Unfortunately, houses which aren’t child-proofed are filled with hazards many homeowners might not even notice. Before children visit, homeowners should look for and correct the obvious dangers and also the lurking risks. In the weeks to come, we’ll take a look at… Read More »

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