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Is a Land Owner Liable if a Contractor Gets Injured on the Job?

By Robert Ross |

LAND OWNERS ARE GENERALLY NOT LIABLE FOR INJURIES TO CONTRACTORS OR THEIR EMPLOYEES Generally speaking, property owners are not liable for injuries to contractors or their employees who get injured on the job. This is because the contractor, not the property owner, is normally in charge of the time, place, and manner in which… Read More »

Are Land Owners Legally Liable For Contractors’ Injured Workers?

By Robert Ross |

If you hire a contractor to perform work on your property, and one of that contractor’s employees gets injured on the job, are you liable? Today’s blog examines this important question. GENERALLY, LAND OWNERS ARE NOT LEGALLY LIABLE FOR INJURIES SUFFERED BY THE EMPLOYEES OF INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS HIRED TO WORK ON LAND. In California,… Read More »

Can Injured Contractors Sue a Property Owner?

By Robert Ross |

Many property owners* fail to understand the duty they owe¬†(or don’t owe) to the employes and laborers of a contractor the property owner hires to perform improvements or other work on real property or buildings. THE GENERAL RULE IS THAT PROPERTY OWNERS ARE NOT LIABLE FOR INJURIES TO CONTRACTORS’ EMPLOYEES (BUT THERE ARE EXCEPTIONS)…. Read More »

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