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Tag Archives: damages in legal malpractice

When Has a Plaintiff Suffered “Actual Injury” to Trigger the Statute of Limitations on Legal Malpractice?

By Robert Ross |

In Monday’s post, we discussed “tolling” of the statute of limitations on legal malpractice actions. In the legal malpractice context, the “statute of limitations” refers to the time within which a plaintiff must commence a legal action against the defendant attorney. Under some circumstances, this limitations period is “tolled,” or suspended, until a specified… Read More »

Recoverable Damages in Legal Malpractice: Economic Losses

By Robert Ross |

Plaintiffs seeking to bring a malpractice action against former counsel should know what kind of damages they will need to prove (and possibly be permittedĀ to recover). Knowing what kinds of damages are available helps plaintiffs decide when and if to being suit. COMPENSATORY DAMAGES IN LEGAL MALPRACTICE Generally, the law allows recovery of “compensatory… Read More »

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