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Claim Presentation Requirements to Sue a Public Entity

By Robert Ross |

INJURED PLAINTIFFS GENERALLY MUST COMPLY WITH STATUTORY CLAIM PRESENTATION PROCEDURES BEFORE SUING A PUBLIC ENTITY FOR DAMAGES OR INJURIES OCCURRING ON PUBLIC LAND. California Government Code Section 945.4 requires plaintiffs to present their claims, in writing, to a  public or government entity before naming that entity as a defendant in a lawsuit. The plaintiff can… Read More »

Can You Sue the Government for Injuries Suffered on Public Land?

By Robert Ross |

The “Governmental Immunity Doctrine” Protects the Government From Many Private Lawsuits Most Government entities are “immune from liability” – meaning they cannot be sued by private individuals, even those individuals are harmed by the government’s actions or inaction. Exceptions to the “governmental immunity” doctrine do exist, however; various statutes establish situations where private individuals… Read More »

More Facts About Comparative Negligence

By Robert Ross |

Earlier this week, we defined comparative negligence and explained, in general terms, that  comparative negligence can reduce a plaintiff’s recoverable damages by an amount proportionate to the plaintiff’s negligent “fault” in the incident that caused the injury or damage. Today, we’re taking a look at some more specific rules which govern comparative negligence in California. COMPARATIVE… Read More »

Summer Hazards: Blossoms, Blooms & Berries

By Robert Ross |

In summertime, flowers and shrubs put forth a lovely (and sometimes tantalizing) array of blossoms and berries. Homeowners need to exercise care to ensure that guests, invitees, and others don’t suffer injury as a result of attractive landscape features and plants. BEWARE OF PLANTING TOXIC SPECIES Many ornamental plants are toxic if ingested, and… Read More »

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