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“Assumption of the Risk” in Recreational Activities

By Robert Ross |

PEOPLE WHO ENGAGE IN RISKY RECREATIONAL ACTIVITIES MAY “ACCEPT THE RISK” OF CERTAIN INJURIES “Assumption of the risk” is a legal doctrine that, in proper circumstances, negates a defendant’s duty of care to an injured plaintiff. In practical terms, this means the defendant generally will not be held legally liable (on a standard negligence… Read More »

Can Injured Players, or Spectators, Sue for Injuries at Sporting Events?

By Robert Ross |

INJURIES TO ATHLETES OFTEN FALL WITHIN “ASSUMPTION OF THE RISK” Many sporting and sports-related activities are “inherently dangerous” under the law, and injuries resulting from participation in these activities–even by minors–may fall under “assumption of the risk.” Although coaches and other teachers or sporting instructors generally take reasonable steps (where possible) to minimize the risks… Read More »

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