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What Duty do Land Owners Owe to Minors?

By Robert Ross |

GENERALLY, LAND OWNERS (AND POSSESSORS/MANAGERS) MUST PROTECT MINORS FROM REASONABLY FORESEEABLE HARM. People who own, control, or possess property generally have a duty to prevent reasonably foreseeable harm to children. This includes naturally-occurring hazards, artificial or constructed hazards (including, but not limited to, harms resulting from attractive nuisances like construction sites), and hazards caused… Read More »

The Duty to Warn of Dangerous Conditions on Property

By Robert Ross |

PEOPLE WHO OWN (OR POSSESS, OR CONTROL) REAL PROPERTY HAVE A DUTY TO WARN OTHERS OF DANGERS AND HAZARDOUS CONDITIONS. As with all of the duties and obligations¬†in premises liability law, the duty to warn applies not only to landowners and landlords, but to anyone who owns, possesses, or controls real property. People responsible… Read More »

Summer Hazards: Blossoms, Blooms & Berries

By Robert Ross |

In summertime, flowers and shrubs put forth a lovely (and sometimes tantalizing) array of blossoms and berries. Homeowners need to exercise care to ensure that guests, invitees, and others don’t suffer injury as a result of attractive landscape features and plants. BEWARE OF PLANTING TOXIC SPECIES Many ornamental plants are toxic if ingested, and… Read More »

Birthday Hazards: Chaperones and Supervision

By Robert Ross |

Every parent knows the importance of proper supervision when children play. Parents watch their toddlers closely, and keep an eye on older children when dangers threaten. However, many parents overlook the importance of adequate supervision at children’s parties, and even more forget that supervision remains important when the party involves pre-teens and teenage guests…. Read More »

Don’t Hedge Your Bets — Trim, Maintain, and Comply

By Robert Ross |

Property owners use hedges for a variety of reasons. Hedges create privacy and barriers to sound. They offer environmentally-conscious alternatives to walls, and may assist with security. Hedges are also attractive, and many homeowners consider them an “all-in-one” solution to several needs. Unfortunately, improperly maintained hedges also create hazards, which in turn create the… Read More »

Homeowner Liability for Stairs, Inside and Out

By Robert Ross |

PROPERLY CONSTRUCTED STAIRS MINIMIZE ACCIDENT RISKS Most modern homes are built with carefully-measured stairs of equal height and length. Properly constructed stairs minimize the likelihood of tripping and falling accidents, and make it easier to access and use all portions of a house or other property. In older houses, however, stairs may not always… Read More »

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