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The Difference Between Negligent Hiring and “Respondeat Superior”

By Robert Ross |

PROPERTY OWNERS MUST USE REASONABLE CARE WHEN HIRING WORKERS Property owners have a legally recognized duty to use “due care” (essentially, reasonable care) whenn hiring employees and other persons to perform work on the land owner’s property. This liability also attaches to people in possession or control of land, if they hire workers or… Read More »

Employer Liability For Negligent Hiring

By Robert Ross |

WHAT IS NEGLIGENT HIRING? Negligent hiring is a form of negligence which may or may not be actionable (or create liability for employers in California) depending upon the facts and circumstances of each individual case. Negligent hiring differs from respondeat superior, which is a cause of action that may accrue against an employer for torts… Read More »

What is “Negligent Hiring”?

By Robert Ross |

EMPLOYERS SHOULD HIRE AND TRAIN STAFF CAREFULLY  Under California law, when an employer or business: 1.  Hires an employee; 2. Under circumstances where the employer knew (or should have known) that the employee created a risk of danger to others; and 3.  The employee does cause harm (of the type about which the employer knew… Read More »

Property Owners’ Legal Liability For Negligent Hiring Decisions

By Robert Ross |

PROPERTY OWNERS MAY BE LIABLE FOR INJURIES RESULTING FROM IMPROPER HIRING DECISIONS. People who own, manage, or control property in California may be legally liable for injuries resulting from the actions of negligently-selected, trained, or supervised employees. Land owners–and remember, that term includes not only actual “owners” but people who manage and control land, too–have… Read More »

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