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Do Business Owners Have a Duty to Keep Their Customers Safe?

By Robert Ross |

THE BUSINESS OWNER’S DUTY TO INSPECT AND REPAIR BUILDINGS AND BUSINESS PREMISES. People who own, manage, or control a business open to the public have a duty to their customers and other people who enter the business premises. Specifically, business owners (and those who manage or control commercial properties) have a legal obligation to exercise… Read More »

Do You Mind Visitors’ Children? (Homeowner Hazards, Part 1)

By Robert Ross |

Most people love children, and nobody likes to see a child hurt. Unfortunately, houses which aren’t child-proofed are filled with hazards many homeowners might not even notice. Before children visit, homeowners should look for and correct the obvious dangers and also the lurking risks. In the weeks to come, we’ll take a look at… Read More »

Get a Grip On Avoiding Dangerous Staircase Accidents

By Robert Ross |

Most people appreciate the danger of wet, icy, or uneven stairs, but many homeowners don’t realize that hand rails–or the lack thereof–can be a major factor in avoiding liability for stair-related accidents. PROPERLY INSTALLED HAND RAILS HELP AVOID ACCIDENTS–AND LIABILITY. Most houses have staircases, either inside or outside the home. Almost all full-length staircases… Read More »

Homeowner Liability for Stairs, Inside and Out

By Robert Ross |

PROPERLY CONSTRUCTED STAIRS MINIMIZE ACCIDENT RISKS Most modern homes are built with carefully-measured stairs of equal height and length. Properly constructed stairs minimize the likelihood of tripping and falling accidents, and make it easier to access and use all portions of a house or other property. In older houses, however, stairs may not always… Read More »

Holes: More Than an Empty Threat

By Robert Ross |

Renters, homeowners, and contractors dig holes on property for a variety of reasons. Fixing underground lines, installing swimming pools and other landscape features, and even children at play can result in holes. While some holes are filled immediately, others may remain open for days or even weeks. Unfortunately, many holes are hidden by ground… Read More »

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