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Ownership, Possession, and Control: the Keys to Premises Liability

By Robert Ross |

Many people think premises liability is only a concern for land “owners” and landlords. In reality, the legal duties which give rise to premises liability may occur when a person has ownership, possession, or control of real property – meaning that it’s not only landlords and owners of land who may be at risk. The… Read More »

A Shocking Hazard Homeowners Can’t Forget

By Robert Ross |

Many homeowners take the time to clean up hazardous substances and clear off tables before young children visit, but a surprising number forget that a dangerous hazard lurks in every wall. Unprotected or outdated electrical outlets can injure not only children, but guests and family members too. Inspect all outlets regularly, and consider the… Read More »

Summer Hazards: Blossoms, Blooms & Berries

By Robert Ross |

In summertime, flowers and shrubs put forth a lovely (and sometimes tantalizing) array of blossoms and berries. Homeowners need to exercise care to ensure that guests, invitees, and others don’t suffer injury as a result of attractive landscape features and plants. BEWARE OF PLANTING TOXIC SPECIES Many ornamental plants are toxic if ingested, and… Read More »

Summer Water Hazards: Ponds and Fountains

By Robert Ross |

Summer temperatures have arrived … and with them, special hazards for homeowners with ponds, fountains, and other water features. Landscaping features like ponds and fountains present a year-round hazard, but the dangers increase in summer, when the weather makes water more attractive to children and animals. A child can drown in two inches of… Read More »

Summer Water Hazards: Swimming Pools

By Robert Ross |

With summer rapidly approaching, homeowners need to take special caution in maintaining yards and outdoor areas. Pools, ponds, and sprinklers create particular hazards, especially when the weather grows warmer and children go outside to play. Swimming pools present a serious danger of drowning and other injuries at all times of year, but particularly when… Read More »

Do You Mind Visitors’ Children? (Homeowner Hazards, Part 1)

By Robert Ross |

Most people love children, and nobody likes to see a child hurt. Unfortunately, houses which aren’t child-proofed are filled with hazards many homeowners might not even notice. Before children visit, homeowners should look for and correct the obvious dangers and also the lurking risks. In the weeks to come, we’ll take a look at… Read More »

Sprinklers, Standing Water, and Slip and Fall

By Robert Ross |

Generally speaking, homeowners are liable for injuries (and deaths) which result from foreseeably dangerous conditions on the property. Unfortunately, many Homeowners overlook subtle conditions which can create dangerous hazards to visitors, family members, and others. SLIP AND FALL INJURIES ARE COMMON AND FREQUENTLY LITIGATED Slip and fall accidents represent one of the most common… Read More »

Property Hazard Avoidance: Watch the Windows

By Robert Ross |

Sliding doors and shower doors are not the only glass-related hazards in the home. Windows represent a danger too, for several reasons. Like other hazards, homeowners can be held liable for injuries or deaths resulting from unsafe conditions relating to windows. Smart homeowners keep windows locked, supervise children, and install proper safety devices. UNLOCKED… Read More »

Birthday Party Hazards: Fatal Foods

By Robert Ross |

Birthday parties, like other celebrations, usually feature special foods like cake and ice cream. Children’s parties often include a meal as well as treats. Unfortunately, where food is present, allergies and choking hazards are also a real risk. Homeowners may be liable for injuries or deaths resulting from the foods they serve at children’s… Read More »

Birthday Party Hazards, Part 3: Decks, Stairs, and Railings

By Robert Ross |

In previous weeks, we’ve looked at a few of the dangers party hosts may face from decorations and wrapping materials. Today, we’re looking at something a little more subtle, but no less hazardous: defective or dangerous structures within and around the home. Property owners are liable for hazards on their property, and for damages… Read More »

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